In addition to writing my own work, I enjoy working with other aspiring authors to help them hone their projects and get them ready for submission or self-publication.

I have a couple of “off the shelf” services, so you can try me out and see if we’re a fit. One is where you send me the first 20 pages of your manuscript or story, I read it and give an overall critique of it. This is $25.

If you want me to read your entire manuscript through and give a topline overview with observations and structural/broad strokes comments, that’s $500. (Exceptionally long manuscripts—more than 300 double-spaced pages with 12 point Times New Roman and 1-inch margins—will be charged a higher price. Please email me to inquire.)

If you decide you want to work with me on a deeper basis, my charge for line-editing is $10 a page (with the specifications above). Again, please send an email inquiry if you’re interested.

The First 20 pages and Manuscript read-through should be paid in advance. Once I have your payment, please send your work to me as a Word attachment.

Services offered


  1. Amy Cohen says:

    Hi, I just found your blog by accident while researching transportation options in NYC in 1910 for a young adult “novel” I am writing. I put novel in quotes because it is roughly (very roughly) based on my grandparents’ lives as teens and young adults in NYC from 1900-1915, when they met and married. So I was delighted to see that you write and coach others who write teen historical fiction.

    I tried to email you, but the email link on this page didn’t seem to work.

    My book is not yet done. I am still in an early draft stage and am about 75% done with that early draft, so it may be too early to get your feedback, but I am interested in learning more about your services. I have never written fiction before—at least not since I was a child. I was a law professor for 32 years and published a number of law review articles, but nothing creative. I can really use advice as well as editing help.

    I do publish a blog about my genealogy research so you can get a sense of my general writing style from the blog. The website URL is below.
    Can you tell me when is best to send you a draft? And what other services you offer to newbie writers? Thank you!

    • susanne says:

      Hi there, so sorry it took me so long to see this! Most of the comments on this blog are spam. You can email me at Not sure why the link isn’t working, I’ll look into it.

      I could probably tell a lot about your writing and how to help you by reading the first 20 pages of your draft, if you want to send it to me.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!


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