To say I am an author is only part of the story. But I suppose, that’s what makes me an author.

My life has been varied and rewarding. It’s had its ups and downs, triumphs and failures. I’ve written advertising copy, done fundraising for an opera company, co-founded a tech startup, taught music history at college level, raised two amazing daughters I don’t deserve. And I’ve had six historical novels published. I am fortunate indeed.

The novels arose out of my research for my PhD in music history from Yale. I started with just musical themes, then the bug hit and I looked at writing historical fiction as a way to explore how people really might have felt, to put myself in their shoes. This is the same whether I’m writing for adults or teens.

If you want to know more, email me. I promise I will answer.

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  1. Negro says:

    Hey You,this makes me so sad, you are such a good writer, I just read your pardiase poem and it was so beautiful. Just because something doesn’t get published doesn’t mean that it isn’t amazing, and it doesn’t mean that it won’t ever get published, or that you won’t get a 1000x the joy you would have gotten from it being published reading it to your grand kids. hang in there, all of your hard work is for something.

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