My Personal Writing Retreat

Inez_milhollandYes, I have been quiet lately. This is not a bad thing at all. I am actually on vacation from my day job, which means that I have the luxury of being able to spend hours a day working on my new novel.

I had hopes of finishing a first draft, but today is the last actual day of my vacation, and I still have quite a way to go. But I got through some really important scenes, and completely revamped the backstory of my protagonist. The bottom line is that I think I will actually finish this novel.

In the course of my writing and research (which is ongoing all the time I write), I have discovered a new, very interesting character, who could have deserved a novel of her own. As it is, she’s currently making a cameo appearance in mine. Her name is Inez Mulholland Boissevain. She was from Brooklyn, went to Vassar and NYU Law school, was admitted to the bar and became a political and social activist. She suffered from ill health, but went on a grueling speaking tour anyway. While on it, she collapsed and died of pernicious anemia.

We all have so little time to do the things that matter. I grow more and more grateful that so many women and men in the past gave their all to causes they believed in.

I’m merely hoping to give my all to writing for a little while longer, before returning to the demanding but rewarding world of non-profit arts management.


  1. Gwen I says:

    Inez Mulholland was the lady on the horse during the suffragist parade organized by Alice Paul et al, if I remember correctly.

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