Historical fiction is my passion. I read it, I write it. I love doing the research, and I love the writing and the editing. I also read many other genres, though, and have dabbled in several. To date, all my books have been historical in nature.

Young Adult Historical Fiction


The Académie

The Academie is the story of three important young girls in Napoleon’s France, who went to boarding school together: Hortense de Beauharnais (daughter of the famous Josephine), Caroline Bonaparte (Napoleon’s youngest sister), and Eliza Monroe (daughter of the future President James Monroe).

“Dunlap’s intricate plot darts among the first-person narratives of Eliza, Caroline, Hortense, and Madeleine. The elegant work of historical fiction is laced with fluttery romances, psychological games, and surprises.”

– Publishers Weekly






In the Shadow of the Lamp

In the Shadow of the Lamp (January, 2011) is the story of a young parlormaid who stows away to go with Florence Nightingale and her nurses to the Crimea.

“Molly’s exceptionally authentic and appealing character powers this well-crafted novel. An honorable homage and an absorbing read.”

Kirkus Reviews








Published in March, 2010, Anastasia’s Secret follows the youngest grand duchess through life before and during World War I and the Russian Revolution, when she falls in love with a young guard who is one of their captors.

“The writing is quite atmospheric, providing a sense of the physical, political, and historical environment at the time. It also conveys an incredible amount of detail about the Romanovs’ daily lives before and during their captivity, humanizing even the tsar and tsarista. The author articulates the emotions of the characters well, and Anastasia grows from a naive duchess to a young woman attuned to the social and political situation of the day.”

– School Library Journal





A young violinist must solve the mystery of her father’s death, in Haydn’s Vienna—complete with gypsies, emperors and hot Hungarian nobles.

“Dunlap skillfully builds suspense until the final page.”

  1. Booklist

“A gutsy, sympathetic heroine who remains true to her friends, in a fast-paced historical adventure that offers a hint of romance.”

  1. Kirkus Reviews






Historical Fiction for Adults


Gifted young singer Emilie is discovered by the composer Marc-Antoine Charpentier, and ends up embroiled in scandal at Louis XIV’s court of Versailles.

“Set against the backdrop of Versailles during Louis XIV’s reign, Emilie’s Voice presents a world where intrigue, cat-and-mouse games, politics, wealth, glamour and passion merge…You’ll be swept away into a world of incredibly wealthy and dynamic characters, court pomp and intrigue. You’ll savor the glamour with Emilie, but most of all, be drawn into Charpentier’s extraordinary life and his passion for music. Music scholar Dunlap not only paints a lovely portrait of 17th-century France, she also makes readers feel as if they live there.” – Romantic Times, 4 star review

“Dunlap’s debut novel is a pleasure to read as she conveys the life of the court of Louis XIV- a place where everyone has a hidden agenda as they jockey for power and position. The plot is exciting and the characters wicked in their deviousness. Highly recommended for public libraries with historical fiction collections.” –  Library Journal

Listen to Wellesley Professor Claire Fontijn read from the book!





A young pianist suffers tragedy and tries to unearth the secrets of her family in the Paris of Franz Liszt, Frederic Chopin, and Marie D’Agoult.

“Dunlap immerses readers in the sights, smells, and feel of Romantic-era Paris, making her engrossing novel perfect escapist fare.” – Booklist

“Dunlap has done it again. Her 2005 debut, Emilie’s Voice, was a skillfully rendered tale of intrigue, love, and music, and in Liszt’s Kiss, she has applied this formula with equal success…Add this one to your “to read” pile; Liszt’s Kiss, an engrossing mixture of history, suspense, and music, is highly recommended.” – Historical Novels Review, Editors Pick 




  1. Mara A. says:

    I just recently finished your latest book, “The Academie,” and I absolutely loved it. I hope you continue to write more young adult books! 🙂

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